A downloadable experience for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Virtual Exhibition showcasing the achievements of graduating seniors in Studio Art from the Department of Art + Design at Arkansas State University.

Easton Adams
Landon Bates
Kaly Beede
Ashton Brown
Madison Donaldson
Xing Grubbs
Dale Hindman
Nichole Johns
Emily Richards
Zhuoyan Yao

This project was developed in Unity and uses Autodesk Recap Photo's photogrammetry system.  
Due to the COVID-19 crisis in the US, students at Arkansas State University were not able to hold their typical BFA Senior Exhibitions at the Bradbury Museum of Art.  We created a virtual recreation of BAM and asked students to remotely submit work, including photogrammetry models of 3D pieces, and incorporated them into the space.

Please read the instructions below for accessing the virtual space!

Install instructions

1.  Download the file for your platform below: Mac, Windows, or Linux.

2.  Decompress the Zip file -

  • MAC : Double-Click the Zip File
  • WIN : Double-Click the Zip File, Drag the contents to a new folder
  • Linux : Double-Click the Zip File, Drag the contents to a new folder

3.  Run the experience -

  • MAC : Double-Click the Bradbury Art Museum APP
  • WIN : Double-Click the BAM 2020 shortcut (you may receive a security warning, you can safely ignore this)
  • Linux : Run the BAM program x86 file

You can also visit this page for a WebGL (browser) version.  Please note the quality is not nearly as high in this version compared to the standalone downloads below.


Bradbury Art Museum - Windows.zip 201 MB
Bradbury Art Museum - Mac.zip 214 MB
Bradbury Art Museum - Linux.zip 208 MB